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Noodlehead Flexible Sprinkler

nv-noodlehead-150.gifNoodlehead Flexible Garden Sprinkler System & Optional Extend-a-Riser

Save time, money and water with this incredibly versatile sprinkler that waters exactly where you want it to!

  • Attaches to a standard hose; included 6" spike secures it firmly into ground.
  • 12 flexible "noodles" stay bent in any direction, lets you target water spray wherever you need it most! 
  • Great for irregularly shaped landscapes and hard-to-reach places.
  • Can be installed on your underground sprinkler system on any 1/2" riser.

nv-noodlehead-watering-patterns-300.jpgThis very flexible system allows an almost unlimited variety of watering patterns.  Use on lawns, flower beds, those hard to water narrow strips along fences and walks. Roll mouse over image for larger view.

  • As your garden grows, simply re-bend the noodles to customize new watering patterns. And use the optional Extend-a-Risers to raise it above obstructions. Also makes a great kids' water toy!

If you have an underground irrigation system, it will attach to any ½" riser. Or attach it to the optional "Extend-A-Riser". This effectively allows you to create your own above-ground sprinkler system.

Each Noodlehead features three through holes in the housing that allows it to be attached to a fence, building, wall, or discretely hang it from an eave or overhang.

Noodleheads includes two fine mesh stainless steel filter washers for both the garden hose thread connection and the ½" pipe thread in the bottom. Both inlets come with disposable plugs allowing the user the versatility of installing the Noodlehead on a riser or attach it to a garden hose.

Noodlehead Packaging:

1 Noodlehead Flexible Sprinkler, 2 fine mesh stainless steel filter washers, 2 disposable plugs, spike and use instructions.

nv-extend-a-riser-300.jpgOptional Extend-a-Riser raises your Noodlehead sprinkler above growing vegetation and obstructions.

Simply adjust as your garden grows for the most efficient watering - grows on its own riser 8" to 16" to 24"

  • Attaches to a standard garden hose
  • Gives the option of creating an "above-the-ground' sprinkler system, complete with risers.
  • Roll over picture for a larger view.

Extend-A-Riser Packaging:

Base unit and three 8" risers (total 24")