Professional Quality BBQ Tools and Accessories

We are proud to be able to offer these unique and unusual, high quality BBQ tools from smaller, lesser-known and mom & pop manufacturers based here in the United States.  Some are recent start-ups, and one is a manufacturer who began making industrial quality cutlery in 1873.

bb-bearpaws-150.jpg"Bear Paws" Meat Handles, Shredders and more!

Firmly hold and lift heavy meats from pan to platter; hold cooked meats while carving. Shred beef and pork. Bear Paws never get hot! You'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

SAVE $ when you buy several for your camper, friends, the neighbors ... MAKES A GREAT GIFT.   More Information & Order Link.

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fork-it-over-1.jpgFork It Over - The Ultimate BBQ Fork!

Fork It Over is a patented design that updates the typical BBQ fork with unique side times, which makes flipping any solid meat or veggies quick and easy! 

The Fork It Over makes a great gift for any serious BBQ enthusiast - or the BBQ challengedMore information & Order Link.


bm-spatula-perf-150.jpg15" Spatula with Oversized Perforated Stainless Steel Blade

This unique Spatula offers a Large ( 3" x 8") Perforated Blade and Durable Poly Handle

  • Stainless Steel 15" Spatula
  • Poly Handle
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 3" x 8" PERFORATED blade
  • 15" Overall Length

More information & Order Link.

gs-grizzlyspit-w-2chickens-150.jpgGrizzly Spit Portable Campfire BBQ Rotisserie

The Grizzly Spit is a portable BBQ rotisserie cooking system, designed to cook up to 25 pounds of food over any open fire, on the ground, or in a BBQ pit. It runs on two D size batteries and can be used virtually anywhere. It comes with two upright poles which are driven into the ground on either side of the fire. It has a three foot crossbar that fits into the battery operated motor. The crossbar comes with two spit forks which lock the food on the crossbar so that the food does not slip while the rotisserie turns. More information.   

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bb-the-hook-in-use-150.jpg'The Hook' Barbecue & Grill Hooks

Available in 13", 17" & 25" lengths, Right & Left handed!

The perfect gift for the BBQer in your family!  Use these hooks to flip steaks, ribs, chicken, pork, turkey, sausage, hot dogs, or to stir hot coals through the grill, or to flip bacon in a pan!  More information & Order Link.


bb-grill-scrubber-150.jpgBBQ Grill Scrubbers with Replaceable Metal Scrubbies

Easy to clean poly handle with non-clogging scrubbing head.  Works on ALL grill types ~ fits any grill wire spacing or size ~ and can be used on hot or cold grills.  More information and Order Link.


bb-stng-all-4-125.jpgSuper Scissor Tongs - select 12" to 25" lengths

Aluminum shafts and coated handles for easy cleanup and comfortable use

Scissor design makes it easier to grab/hold heavier items. Heavy duty construction of years of use.  More information and Order Link