Welcome to our NEW (version of our old) Website

Posted by mike on 22nd Jun 2015

We started AwesomeTools.com in 1999, creating a website using high-end (back then) software and an industry-leading shopping cart.  While those products continued to work well, it's become time to add some new features and tools to our offering. 

So we stepped back, and after extensive review and experimentation, we decided to take advantage of the latest "cloud computing" capabilities.  This approach, and software, adds significant functionality (some visible, much behind the curtain) to what we had before.

While we anticipate you will like the new capability and functionality, it IS different from what we had before.  AND, while we are working hard to make sure everything works as it should - things happen.  If you have any "challenges", or just want to comment on your experience, please contact us by email  ( email@awesometools.com )  or phone  (916-782-7292.