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Bear Paws
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Firmly holds and lifts heavy meats from pan to platter, holds cooked meats while carving.

Bear Paws can handle everything from full size hams to steaming turkeys.

These Paws never get hot! Firmly holds and lifts heavy meats from the pan to the platter. They provide a strong grip even on slippery meats. Holds cooked meats in place while carving.

Or use the bear paws to shred. Useful for Roasts, Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Meatloaf, Steaks, Ham, Pork and more. Toss and serve pasta, slaw, and salads of every variety. Shred pork shoulders and butt roast into tantalizing PULLED PORK ! ...SHRED BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN WITH EASE!

Why Bear Paws?

  • Natural grip
  • Stay-Cool handles
  • Super Sharp
  • Extra Strong
  • Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in USA

Now in sleek BLACK (not Brown as shown in graphics)