Concrete Anchor Bolt Holders

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Pre-setting your Anchor Bolts before you pour concrete in most areas of the U.S. is becoming a requirement.  Contractors are finding out that presetting bolts takes a lot of pressure off the workers on pour day by not having to scramble to get the bolts set before the concrete starts going off.

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Products for 1/2" Anchor Bolts - order below

Anchor Bolt Holder in use

Anchor Bolt Holder
w Spreader in use

Anchor Bolt Holder
with Cap in use



Example of STB
with Anchor Bolt
Holder, Rite-Height
Sleeve and Cap

Anchor Bolt Holder (incls cap)

Anchor Bolt Holder w Spreader (incls cap)

Extra Caps
Form Board Spreacder

Products for 5/8" Anchor Bolts - order below

Anchor Bolt Holder
(incls cap)

Anchor Bolt Holder 
w Spreader (incls cap)
Extra Caps

Rite-Height Sleeves

Products for 7/8" Anchor Bolts - order below

Anchor Bolt Holder
(incls cap)

Anchor Bolt Holder
w Spreader (incls cap)

Extra Caps
Rite-Height Sleeves 

Anchor Bolt Holder with Cap

Anchor Bolt Holders helps you to pre-position your anchor bolts before you pour concrete.  AND the cap keeps the bolt threads clean.

Anchor Bolt Holder / Spreader with Cap

Anchor Bolt Holders with Spreaders helps you to SIMULTANEOUSLY position your stem walls AND pre-position your anchor bolts before you pour concrete.  AND the cap keeps the bolt threads clean.

Anchor Bolt Extra Caps

Extra caps allow you to leave a cap on your anchor bolt to keep the threads clean while re-using the Holders on other stem walls or projects.

Concrete Form Board Spreaders

A fast and accurate way to spread and secure the form boards on any stem wall foundation.

Rite-Height Sleeves

Rite-Height Sleeves work as a spacer between the cap and the holders to set the anchor bolts at the correct height out of the concrete for specific applications.

When the job calls for the use of 3x sill plates the anchor bolts must be raised out of the concrete to allow for the addition thickness of the sill plate material. Add the sleeve between the holder and the cap and you have it.

Engineered Bolts and STB Bolts have an embedment mark stamped right on the bolts. This mark must line up with the top of your concrete surface in order to meet the engineering requirement for the embedment depth in the concrete for that bolt.  The Rite-Height Sleeve are available in several different lengths to meet those requirements.

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