"Grizzly Spit" Campfire Rotisserie

gs-grizzlyspit-in-use-200.jpgThe Grizzly Spit is the Original portable, battery powered BBQ rotisserie cooking system.

Cook up to 25 pounds of food over any open fire, campfire, on the ground, or in a BBQ pit.

Perfect for use when:


The Grizzly Spit comes with a Canvas Storage Sack with Leather Tie to keep it neat and easy to store.  Note: Batteries are NOT included.

Instructions for use:

  1. Before each use WASH cross bar and spit forks in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and wipe dry.
  2. Drive the two vertical support poles into the ground, with a hammer, approximately 34" apart on either side of your heat source.
  3. Insert the battery powered gear reduction motor into slot on the vertical support pole.
  4. Slide the food to be cooked onto the square STAINLESS STEEL rotisserie cross bar and secure with spit forks.
  5. Insert pointed end of crossbar through eyehole in support pole, then BACK the other end into square opening on motor (mounted on second vertical support pole).
  6. FLIP THE SWITCH at the back of the motor and YOU'LL BE COOKING!

Warranty Information:

Battery powered motor carries a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.  We should be able to look up your order - so call or email us if you need assistance.

Electric Motor:

We do no currently offer an electric motor in lieu of the battery powered motor.  Per the inventor, most after-market electric motors that drive a 5/16" square shaft should work. He recommends you take the cross-bar with to the store to make sure it fits. 

Convenience Accessories:

gs-extra-spitforks-150.jpgExtra Spit Forks:

  • 2nd set of two spit forks so a 2nd Chicken or other item can be BBQ'd.
  • Users have put up to 3 items on the spit at once, depending on their size and weight.
  • OUT OF STOCK for rest of Season

Rotisserie Basket:

  • gs-grizzlyspit-basket-150.jpgGreat for Steaks, Vegetables, Chicken, Fish, etc
  • Adjustable for different-sized grills; can also be used directly on the grill
  • Useful for food too small or fragile to fit on rotisserie skewer
  • Use sliced lemons in basket while grilling for continuous basting
  • Durable; easy-to-clean
  • 4 adjustments for food thickness (3/4” to 2”)
  • Size: 14” x 7.5” x 2.5”
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gs-sojoe-grizspit-brackets-150.jpgGrizzly Spit / SOJOE Fire Pit Support Adaptor Brackets

  • Pkg of 2 brackets to attach Grizzly Spit upright poles to outside ring of SOJOE Fire Pits to use as a BBQ. 
  • More info about SOJOE Fire Pits 
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