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Cook up to 25 pounds of food over any open fire, on the ground, or in a BBQ pit

Grizzly Spit BBQ Rotisserie System

  • Runs on two D size batteries and can be used virtually anywhere (batteries not included)
  • Comes with two upright poles ( 25" tall ) which are driven into the ground on either side of the fire
  • Has a three foot crossbar ( 5/16" square ) that fits into the battery operated motor and two spit forks which lock the food on the crossbar so that the food does not slip while the rotisserie turns
  • Includes Canvas Storage Sack with a leather tie

Optional Two Extra Spit Forks

  • Cook a 2nd Chicken or other item

Optional Rotisserie Grilling Basket

  • 14” x 7.5” x 2.5”; 4 adjustments for food thickness (3/4” to 2”)
  • Adjustable for a variety of rotisseries, or can also be used directly on the grill
  • Great for Steaks, Vegetables, Chicken, Fish, etc… and for food too small or fragile to fit on rotisserie skewer
  • IDEA: Use sliced lemons in basket while grilling for continuous basting

Optional Grizzly Spit / SOJOE Fire Pit Support Adaptor Brackets

  • Pkg of 2 brackets to attach Grizzly Spit upright poles to outside ring of SOJOE Fire Pits to use as a BBQ


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