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Unique and Unusual Home and Garden Items from Smaller, Lesser-Known US Companies -

Most of these tools are not available in your neighborhood home-store or building center!

ut-upn-unreel-pivot-150.jpg'UnReel' Pivoting Hose Holder & Dispenser System

The ultimate solution for attractive and efficient garden hose, air hose or other bulk cord storage and use!

The Pivoting UnReel jaw pivots down from its vertical storage position to pay out just the length required, one smooth loop at a time, with no kinks.  It also pivots side-to-side to feed hose to wherever you go, making this convenient hose storage system even more so!  More information and order link.


thumbsaver-demo2-150.jpgThumbSaver Magnetic Nail Setter Tool - Never Hit Your Thumb Again!

Be kind to your thumbs! This ingenious tool designed and tested by real tradesmen lends a helping hand when driving nails, screws, fence staples, or just about any fastener.  You can use ThumbSaver on nearly any job from fine trim or craft work to the largest framing jobs, building fences, decks or installing joist hangers.   More information and order link.

hs-picwith-150.jpgHandle Savers protect your Single & Double Bit Axes, Sledge Hammers, & Splitting Mauls!

No more Broken Handles!  No More Stinging "Over Strike" Hands!

The HandleSaver is the inexpensive way to eliminate "over-strike" damage to the handles of sledge hammers, axes, mauls, etc. while reducing regular wear and tear!  These sturdy rubber collars are available in four sizes to fit virtually any handle.  They simply install onto the handle providing the ultimate in handle protectionMore Information and order link.