Pivoting UnReel

Pivoting UnReel - Garden and Air Hose Hanger/Holder/Dispenser Storage and Use System

The Ultimate Solution for attractive and efficient garden hose (or air hose or bulk cord) storage and use!

The Pivoting UnReel pivots down from its vertical storage position to pay out just the length required, one smooth loop at a time, with no kinks. Pivoting UnReel also pivots side-to-side to feed hose to you wherever you go, making this convenient hose storage system even more so!

ut-upn-unreel-anigif-150a.gifAfter use, you simply return the jaw to its vertical position and feed the hose back into the jaws one loop at a time.  The jaws grip each loop of the hose preventing tangling and kinking, and The UnReel holds the hose up neatly and out of the way against the wall, fence, or post (mount higher for longer hoses).

The UnReel Hose Hanger System is smartly designed for easy and quick removal (even full) by just lifting the bracket off the anchor bolts for convenient relocation or seasonal storage.  The durable nylon bracket is easily mounted with the hardware and mounting template included.

ut-upn-unreel-3pics-300.jpgUnReel Packaging:  Pivoting UnReel Hose Hanger System, mounting hardware, mounting template and installation instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much hose will my UnReel hold? A. Unreel Hose Hanging Systems are capable of handling up to 100' of 5/8" or 75' of 3/4" hose when mounted 48" off the ground. Actual capacity depends on the size of the hose (more loops of smaller hoses will fit in the Unreel jaw) and how high off the ground you mount it (high allows larger loops which handles more hose).