fw-ts003-3-uses-444.jpgThumbSaver Magnetic Nail Setter Tool - Never Hit Your Thumb Again!

fw-ts003-thumbsaver-red-thumb-100.jpgStrong magnet holds a Nail, Staple, Screw, almost any fastener!

Be kind to your thumbs! This ingenious tool designed and tested by real tradesmen lends a helping hand when driving nails, screws, fence staples, or just about any fastener.  You can use ThumbSaver on nearly any job from fine trim or craft work to the largest framing jobs, building fences, decks or installing joist hangers.

Easy to use! A strong magnet is machined into the durable ergonomically designed aluminum shaft and finished off with a comfort grip.  Just pull the tool out of your pack or tool belt, pick up a fastener with the magnet and drive the nail or screw!  Once you use it you will know why it is called the 'ThumbSaver'!

Durable Aluminum with Comfortable Grip and Lightweight Design!

Some of the many uses recommended by professionals and consumers:

  • Framing Walls
  • Hanging Pictures
  • Nailing Construction Hangers
  • Installing Trim
  • Installing Blinds/Curtain Rods
  • Craft Projects
  • Jewelry Making
  • Upholstery Tacks
  • Installing Roof Shingles
  • Driving Wire Staples
  • Installing Paneling
  • Hard to reach spots
  • Building Decks
  • Installing Shelves
  • Hanger Shutters
  • Installing Door Hinges
  • Assembling Furniture
  • Installing Drywall
  • Building Cabinets
  • Building Fences
  • Retrieving Fish Hooks
  • Driving Fence Staples
  • Assembling Playsets
  • And many more ...

Picture Hangers

Wire Staples


Drive Screws

Pipe Strap

Hard to Reach

Near the Floor

What others are saying about ThumbSavers

Thumbsavers: a solution that's long overdue!

Ron Hazelton, TV Star and Home improvement Online. 

Every now and then you see something and say to yourself "What a great idea... Wish I had thought of that!" Next thing you buy it, use it and it performs just as advertised! From the hobbyist to the Pro the "ThumbSaver" is a "must have" in your tool belt!

Michael Cook, Home Renovator, Brentwood, TN